Tips for Businesses Transitioning from Dine-in to Delivery

With the current restrictions under level 4 in place in South Africa, restaurants can still operate if they offer delivery options. This means that many business owners may have to rethink their business operations to cater for a delivery option. Where to start? Here are some tips to help your business transition from Dine-in to Delivery.

Focus on What You Do Best

Firstly, it is important to remember what the core values of your business are and what you are known for. Customers are drawn to you because of what you have to offer and after the lockdown period, customers may be craving their usual from your business. Ensure that you do not waste ingredients by making batches of meals which are not popular, and which will go to waste. Consider making large batches of popular meals that can be frozen and sold. Customers can buy in bulk and warm at home.

Keep your menu simple

You need to think about menu items that are easy to make and more importantly, easy to transport. Consider which of your menu items can be made in bulk and which can be assembled at home. If you don’t have the correct packaging, then perhaps your soup special is not recommended. Invest in packaging that can keep food warm and safely contained. Spills and messy packaging result in unhappy customers. Additionally, you can make use of the ingredients that you have stocked up so that nothing goes to waste. Creating a compressed menu will cut back on food waste at a time you need it the most.

A simple way to find customer favourites, cut back on waste, and determine your most profitable items is to use the sale reports from your Point of Sale (POS) system. By consulting these reports, you can have a more accurate view of your customer’s behaviour and make the correct business decision going forward.

New Procedures

If your business has never catered for delivery before there are many aspects to consider. For example, you will have to think about the logistics of delivery. Will you work with a third-party delivery company or will your current staff need to be trained as delivery drivers?

If you are using a third-party it is important to set up a pick-up area for their drivers to safely collect food. Orders will have to be properly labeled and the process must ensure that food does not get cold before pick-up. Ensure that your staff is aware of new hygiene procedures and you must provide them with enough resources to be able to safely do their jobs. You will have to adjust your staffing to ensure that you have enough staff to handle incoming orders while still being able to adhere to social distancing.

Optimize your online presence.

You must communicate openly and regularly with your customer basis. Many of your customers may want to support you but don’t know how to do so. Get online! With customers locked indoors many of them will turn to the internet for entertainment and information. Make sure that you have an active and informative social media presence. Start by telling everyone about your new delivery process.

Our ToGo Online Ordering app can help!

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You may need to make some creative changes to ensure that your business survives through this current time of uncertainty. One of the best ways to do so is to transition to delivery. We hope that the above tips will help.

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