Can I have it ToGo?

TallOrder V5.6 Point of Sale Software Solution presents an additional revenue stream opportunity with the ToGo online ordering feature!

ToGo is a web app add-on, which operates directly on your Point of Sale screen. As the owner of a busy hospitality establishment, enabling the ToGo app add-on will allow you to see orders coming in via alerts on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to track takeaways being picked up, making sure they are available to your customers with minimal wait (and freshly made). ToGo can also be easily utilized in the retail industry, opening up an e-store opportunity, allowing customers to order stock to be ready for their arrival.

For customers, ToGo offers them the opportunity to order directly, simply and safely from their mobile devices. They simply order, pay, decide on the time they would like to collect their order and arrive for collection!

ToGo boasts various exciting features for a busy business wanting to offer an online ordering solution:

  • POS Integrated: ToGo is an integrated solution, meaning that you do not need to buy bulky and expensive additional devices to add to your POS solution. You can simply activate ToGo on the TallOrder Admin console and customize the alerts to your needs, which will show up automatically on the POS screen.
  • Free Transactions: Unlike other online ordering systems, ToGo has no transactional costs, which means that the profit that you are making can go directly back into your business. If you are using TallOrder, you will be charged a minimal monthly license fee for using the app add-on – that’s it!
  • Multiple Payments: ToGo also accepts various forms of payment methods including cash on collection, as well as other mobile payment solutions including SnapScan and Zapper, to name a few. Orders will only be sent to the establishment once the customer has paid or will pay via one of these methods.
  • Customizable: Customers can select various orders on their ToGo profile, where you can add images of food items, include your logo and add and remove promotions and specials when needed. You can also temporarily suspend items through the Bulk Settings feature if they are out of stock or if you do not want to include them on your ToGo menu for any reason. Other customization features, such as the customer’s name appearing on an order slip, will help staff locate customers quickly and easily.
  • Adaptable: During ordering, customers can specify what time they would like to pick up their order. This will ensure food and drinks are available the moment they walk into your establishment, saving them additional time. From the business perspective, your kitchen can adapt by printing the slip when needed, making sure food is made according to time and not wasted.

TallOrder ToGo’s menu can be duplicated from your current menu and customized accordingly. The TallOrder Support team is also available for ToGo menu customization and training, allowing you to take full advantage of this additional revenue stream for your bustling business! Extend your business revenue lines with the TallOrder ToGo app and let your customers order and pay directly and remotely from their personal devices!

Want to know more about TallOrder’s ToGo Feature, as well as other features recently released and updated in V5.6? Email or call +27 (0)72 863 0116 for more info.