TallOrder POS V6.0 – Our Most Exciting Upgrade Yet!

The TallOrder team is proud to announce that our latest upgrade, Version 6.0, is now available to customers and partners! We have added many new features to ensure that our Cloud-based POS is faster and more efficient than ever before. These new features stay true to the TallOrder brand, which is focused on providing customers with a speedy and accurate service. The goal of the TallOrder POs V6.0 upgrade is to address our customers’ needs, whether you are in hospitality or retail.

Muliple Location Capabilities

TallOrder POs now allows for multiple locations by supporting both Sales and Stock locations. Businesses can sell products from their default Sales Locations and their Stock locations will allow stock to be ordered for a specific location, and then received at that location. A POS user may also be able to look at an item’s availability in other locations and then request a stock transfer if needed.

Loyalty Capabilities

Another new feature that we are proud to announce is that TallOrder now allows for your business to set up loyalty programmes on the POS to reward your best customers for their continually support. Loyalty programmes entice customers to return to your business, therefore increasing sales and elevating your business’s brand in the minds of your customers. Through currency-based or point-based loyalty programmes integrated into the POS system, your best customers never lose touch with your business. Track and reward your customer’s continued loyalty with TallOrder’s new loyalty tiers. You can calculate these tiers based on the amount spent by specific customers over a customisable time period.

MailChimp Integration and Debitor Capabilities

Tied to this isTallOrder V6.0’s new ability to integrate with MailChimp, which will help you track specific trends and preferences in your customer’s spending habits, allowing you to customise and personalise communication with those customers. Increase your customer satisfaction with targeted emails that are of interest to certain group of customers.

Easily assign credit limits, as well as payment term,s with TallOrder POS V6.0’s new debtor capabilities. Retail businesses can benefit greatly and increase their revenue by allowing customers to purchase or buy on credit, thereby offering them yet another way to pay!

Other Exciting New Features

The good news is that we are still offering our current features, including ToGo, our online ordering app. Some of the other features that we are the most proud of include:
-LAY-BY: A lay-by allows a customer to pay off their purchases in installments. Our TallOrder POS can process items as a lay-by, therefore allowing for more sales as various income brackets can now afford to pay off their purchases.
-QUOTES: A quote has a specific validity period and is produced for a specific customer in mind. When a quote is accepted, our Solution will convert the quote into an order which can then be processed to become an invoice.
-PROMOTIONS: Promotions can be automatically calculated by the TallOrder POS, giving the customer the best deal and increasing customer satisfaction

TallOrder Version 6.0 was released to current clients and Partners on the 23 July 2018, and now is available to potential interested Partners and clients. To set up a FREE demo, you can use the contact details below:
Tel: +27 (0) 72 863 0116
Email: info@cloudone.mobi