Make Inventory Count with TallOrder

“Which products should I buy for my store or restaurant next?”
“How do I know what products I have available to sell?”
“How do I know which suppliers are offering the best product deals?”
“When should I remove products that are not selling well?”

These are only a few of the many questions business owners will ask themselves when ordering new stock and analysing current sales for their establishment. While in the past manual counting was the only option, we have now arrived at the height of digitized Inventory to avoid human error and hours of counting (and re-counting).

With this in mind, we are excited to announce that TallOrder’s Point of Sale Software Solution has added Inventory Management to their extensive features list, and we cannot wait for you to give it a try!

TallOrder continues to pride itself on providing businesses with a solution that is fast and easy to use, as well as affordable and accurate. Our Inventory is no different, offering you a Solution that is up-to-date and needs minimal management. As TallOrder’s Solution is Cloud-based, our Inventory feature is easily scalable, meaning your TallOrder Solution can be accessed from anywhere and offers instant access to data that helps you make important buying and selling decisions. It can also be instantly synced to your accounting software for further ease of use!

Having Inventory available means that you can manage products, pricing and suppliers, control orders, accept and pay invoices, track stock and manage sales trends.

TallOrder’s Inventory has focused on three key elements (over and above others) – Stock Take, Purchase Orders and Reporting.

Stock Take:

Our current (as well as potential) customers and Partners are set to experience a collective sigh of relief when using our Stock Take feature! This feature rings true to the TallOrder vision and is intuitive to navigate and easy to use. Stock taking is an important aspect of good inventory management and needs to be done regularly to check if the reported inventory levels of your products match what’s physically in your store. Our Stock Take feature allows you to create certain stock take types as well as individual stock take items when needed. You are also able to control this from your mobile phone with mobile tracking.

Purchase Orders:

TallOrder’s Purchase Orders feature allows you to see stock levels, letting you know when and what new orders need to be made to keep up with customer demand, making sure that you are not left with egg on your face (and an ‘Out of Stock’ sign on the shelf or menu). Simply click on each item to see how much stock you have. We have also included Level colour codes, indicating when stock needs re-ordering (which can be adjusted to specific values on our Admin portal).

Another great addition to Inventory is our in-app emailing option which allows you to email Suppliers directly from the Admin Portal – saving you time in a situation where every minute of time is of the essence. We also have separate tabs on the Dashboard for ‘Receive Stock’ and ‘Stock Received’, which links back to the ‘Purchase Order’ tab where you can view the Invoice.


Our robust reporting allows you to pull details of the most recent changes to your stock count, letting you access an updated and detailed report of your stock whenever (and wherever) you desire.

Powerful Inventory for Hospitality Menu Management

For the restaurant industry, we have included the use of the popular Countdown86 feature! This means that you can set your product count to a certain number of items until it reaches zero. For example, if you only have 10 portions of steak left for the day, you would set the countdown to 10 for that day. Once the countdown reaches zero, your stock will show that you are sold out.

Additional Inventory highlights include the ability to create recipes in the Inventory area. Recipes are made up of numerous and sometimes complex ingredients, and TallOrder’s Inventory Solution can help standardize ingredient amounts, making sure that the system will provide you with the correct amount of remaining days until this item will run out. Enter recipes directly into the POS to help eliminate waste and provide consistent tasting meals.

Overall, TallOrder’s Inventory allows you to control all aspects of stock and ordering as it happens in your store or restaurant!

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