Streamline Card Payments with our Sureswipe Intergration!

Sureswipe deviceTallOrder is proud to announce that we have partnering with Sureswipe to give your business even more ways to accept payments! Our Point of Sale Version 6 now fully integrates with the Sureswipe Move card reader! With this latest TallOrder and Sureswipe’s integration your business can accept payments from card-carrying customers with ease and not miss out on future sales!

Streamline card payments with TallOrder and Sureswipe’s fully integrated system:
● The Sureswipe MOVE card reader connects to your TallOrder POS solution via Bluetooth.
● Your customer can now swipe their card and enter their pin number.
● TallOrder POS processes and closes the transaction without further hassle!

Benefits of an integrated solution:
o Quicker transaction time
o Streamlined recon

Use TallOrder POS to help grow your business with an easy-to-use and affordable Point of Sale Software Solution.  No matter how your customer would like to pay for their desired item, our integrated system will be able to process the payment quickly and easily. Sureswipe and TallOrder salutes the sheer boldness it takes to start your own business. Turning a dream into a prospering trade is a vision we share with our clients. We relate to the challenge of exceeding customers’ expectations with ground-breaking ideas.

Sureswipe pursues this kind of fresh thinking by delivering a simple, accessible and secure solution to payment acceptance

To set up a FREE demo, or to find out more about this integration, contact us at (0) 72 863 0116. Or visit our website for more information: 

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