Enjoy your Stay with Smart Hotels in 2019

A robotic butler opening the door for you or a hotel room’s lighting and temperature being controlled by voice commands may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, those kinds of advances are not that far off in the future.

It is no surprise that technology has affected the hospitality industry, in particular Hotels, Guesthouse, and B&Bs. Hotels have been needed to fit to the needs and demands of contemporary, digital-savvy travelers. Across the globe, “smart hotels” have become more and more popular.  A smart hotel is a hotel that plugs into the Internet of Things to create a better temporary living experience. Smart hotels need to accommodate for increased layers of connectivity that travelers have gotten used to.

In the past travelers may have worked through a travel agent to book a room or relied on walk-in reservations. However, the modern traveling experience, from booking to checkout, is expected to be perfect with very little chance of human error.

Hotel operators have embraced the idea that running a hotel is not merely about providing a place to stay, but also about providing luxury experiences. In order to do so, hotels need to access technology that can speed up service, personalise the guest experience, build hotel resources, enable maintenance and improve employee productivity. Such as systems that can streamline check-in to allow guests to skip the front desk and go right to their rooms.

Development of Innovative Booking Technology

Another aspect of the ‘smart’ hotel comes from innovation of the booking experience, as hotels take cues from airlines to offer the ability to select a specific room prior to arrival. One such innovation is the all-in-one Cloud-based hotel software system RoomRacoon, which includes a Booking Engine, a Property Management System (PMS) and a Channel Manager.

RoomRaccoon’s Booking Engine, or hotel booking module, allows hotels to receive direct bookings from their website without extra commission cost.Hotels can manage their availability on all RoomRaccoon’s connected booking channels, such as Booking.com, Expedia.com or AirBnB.com, from one central point. Their Property Management System helps hoteliers to organise theirs bookings, so that they can easily check-in guests and generate clear reports and invoices with ease.

To add to their novelty in the hotel industry RoomRaccoon also seamlessly integrates with TallOrder POS, to allow guest to charge items from hotel restaurants, gift shops, spas, etc. to their room number. This kind of integration is another step towards smart hotel technology emerging in the South African hotel industry. Don’t let your hotel be left behind in the past!

One thing is clear, no matter how long it takes, technological advances are coming to the hotels and soon smart hotels will no longer be merely for sci-fi movies.

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