Our Partner Portal has arrived!

CloudOne.mobi is proud to announce our brand new Partner Portal! Our Partners now have access to our newly launched Partner Portal, where we offer exclusive access to all our Partner resources. Through our centralised and interactive Partner Portal, CloudOne.mobi Partners can access tools to assist them during the sales process, on-board new customers and access all of our customer resources with ease.

Our TallOrder POS and PageMan DSS Partner Portals are catered specifically to give Partners all the information they need to expand their business offerings. Our Partner portals offer our Partners access to specific industry knowledge, expertise, networking and support. Each product program consists of various partnership tiers that you can reach as your offering grows. These tiers offer opportunities such as commercial benefits, incentives and a wealth of product and industry related information.

CloudOne.mobi offers Partners the opportunity to team up with us and offer our Solutions as a part of their own business offerings! This means that they will now be able to add Point of Sale software and Digital Signage Solutions to their very own list of expertise.

Joining the CloudOne.mobi Partner Program allows Partners to open their businesses up to expansion by offering clients extended services and an integrated solutions. Partners can become their customer’s trusted VAS provider and increase their own monthly revenue stream, with little investment in resources on their part. Partners will also benefit from our marketing and sales support to increase business opportunities. Our expansive list of Partners also has a place on our Partner Portal Marketplace where they can promote their own Product offerings and gain brand and business exposure through company and product descriptions.

If you would like to become a CloudOne.mobi Partner contact us at info@cloudone.mobi or +27(0) 728630116.