Let’s Take A Look Back on 2016…

2016 was the year of rewards and pitfalls. We’ve seen many exciting developments and some unwelcomed changes, but at the end of the day – we’ve made it through and we are powering at full speed towards the end of the year, summer holidays and starting fresh in 2017!

2016 was an exciting year for technology, with various trends taking centre stage internationally and locally. As always, there remains a focus on tech convenience, and the offering of consistent, quick, correct and affordable services are still top of the cards.

As the CloudOne.mobi reflects back on an extremely exciting, busy and challenging year of growth that is about to come to an end, our wonderful management team were asked to share a few words regarding their learnings and highlights of a year that has propelled us forward and helped us push boundaries.

Don Lange – Chief Revenue Officer:
“What I’ve learned in 2016 is that there is a huge demand for affordable disruptive products to change the way brands engage with customers. Although not much has changed in how customers should be treated comparing established technology and disruptive technology, to win and retain customers, you have to deliver on their needs, do continued research, be affordable, continually improve self-service, establish yourself as the leader in your industry, prove your products worth, cherish trust and implement the best communication channels.”

Meiring De Wet – Director of Software and Infrastructure:
“This year has seen our products grow at an immense pace, undergoing both technological and architectural changes in order to prepare them for an exciting future of growth and expansion.  Looking back at what we have achieved, the main lesson taken from 2016 is that by reducing the fear of change in terms of processes and technologies - you can achieve great feats!

Our DevOps processes underwent radical changes this year to ensure that we deliver product updates as frequently and painlessly as possible.  Reducing time and scope between releases not only reduced the risk of rolling out, but also the fear of rolling out.  This was a great catalyst for increasing the momentum and productivity of the development team.  A major driving force for software developers is seeing their work in a production environment and the contribution that it makes to the product and the customer's experience.  By changing our processes our team has built and maintained an immense momentum, frequently taking new features to market and ultimately ensuring top class scalable and feature rich products. 


We are fostering a culture of quality and experimentation and I commend the dedication, talent and attitude of our developers that have gone through great lengths to prepare our products for 2017!”

Anna Groenewald – COO and Co-Founder:
“Having the best team on the job really changes the dynamic of a good team. At the end of the day, a company is all about the people and the level of commitment that they are willing to put in! Our team has really stepped up to the plate and I am impressed by the level of commitment of specifically the graduate and junior staff, as they are so passionate about their work.

A highlight of the year was visiting the students at Oval North High School, where our CEO Dana Buys was involved in the establishment of their new science lab. Being there showed me that these young adults are eager to learn, despite their challenging and difficult circumstances.

In terms of our stellar products, the excitement of our TallOrder Point of Sale Solution being released this year has taught us so much about the hospitality and retail market in South Africa. Also seeing that there is a great need for ToGo (our ordering app add-on), has made us incredibly excited for the future opportunities that we have in the market for 2017.”

Dana Buys – CEO and Founder:
“Betting the business on the so-called public Cloud and in particular on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been validated abundantly! Initially, there was pushback from businesses and their IT departments regarding the use of the Cloud for Business Solutions (arguments were mainly centered around security and privacy). 


It has become clear that the security and privacy offered by the top public Cloud providers are leagues ahead of what even the largest companies in the world can manage or afford themselves. The Cloud systems have to be smartly designed too! Poorly designed systems will be vulnerable on any platform. The likes of AWS have so much more to spend on the best security and much to learn from huge deployments.


A major benefit of selecting AWS has been the raft of extra services offered. For example, we have integrated the so-called Elastic Transcoder, which allowed us to take clients media files for PageMan and automatically transcode them to the exact codecs required for most Android media players. That eliminated a lot of hassle for our clients, in terms of manual transcoding and at the same time, significantly reduced our support load.


On the TallOrder side we are getting ready to apply AWS’ Machine Learning API to augmented sales information, which will bring the power of Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence engines to bear on even some relatively small outlets. This is really delivering on the promise of the Cloud and delivering very sophisticated technology in a transparent manner to large numbers of users.


The Cloud is getting better and better for us and our clients and I think we are so well positioned going into 2017!”

So there you have it, thoughts and insights from the year that has passed from a few of the top experts in the South African tech industry.

We hope that you continue to follow our lead into 2017 as we look forward to even further improving the overall retail, hospitality and service experience with the use of compelling, integrated solutions for Point of Sale and Digital Signage Solutions.

Until next year,

The CloudOne.mobi team

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