Dana Buys Helps High School Equip Science Lab

CEO and Founder of CloudOne.mobi Dana Buys has shown his passion for South Africa’s youth and education by donating much needed funds to Oval North High School’s Science department.

Oval North High School was recently featured in a News24 article, where their passionate principal Mr Kassiem expressed his dream of obtaining a fully functional lab for his students. After reading this article, Dana was impressed by their excellent matric pass rate in 2015, and decided to help kit out the lab with essential equipment and technology. The high school has been featured in various news stories after being acknowledged as a Focus School of Excellence for Engineering and Technical subjects.

On Thursday the 11th of August, Dana Buys addressed the school assembly, where he spoke about the evolution of computers, the Internet and technology. He outlined the opportunities all school-going children now have in terms of advancing their careers in the technology field.

Dana spoke of the current opportunities in a digital era, saying “anything is possible if you come up with a good idea, and you have the skills to turn that idea into a product.” He went on to speak about the power of the tech industry saying that “the great thing about this industry is that devices are only getting faster and cheaper. The result is much lower barriers to entry and the cost building solutions have pretty much fallen away, which opens up the opportunity for all to participate.”

“The Information age has dramatically broadened access to information and learning for all, as long as they have access to the Internet. Doing well in Maths, Science and Biology will help youngsters acquire the right skills to seize these types of opportunities.”

Buys believes that there is a gap in educational funding that the government currently cannot fill, and feels that through funding and additional assistance, private companies and individuals can help bridge this gap. He has agreed to aid the school with additional funding in 2017 if they increase their aggregate Science results by at least 10%, therefore motivating the students to work hard for top marks in 2016.

Posted by Lauren Potgieter on Aug. 17, 2016, 4:25 p.m. Share this post on your favorite social media site.