Market Stores Can Benefit From a Full POS Solution

Farmer’s Market and Artisan market stores have gained in popularity throughout South Africa with more popping up around Cape Town. Where local farmers, bakers, brewers and crafters are able to sell their produce to the public directly. Gone are the days of local vendors selling their wares out the boots of their cars. These days markets are serious, modern businesses, which draw in many artisan stores and a lot of foot traffic.

Running a market store can rewarding. However, there are several elements that business owners need to consider before embarking on this challenge. Markets stores may have fewer overheads than restaurants, but may have very little return on investment. A big consideration for these kinds of business is budget and the start-up cost of financing the business.

Business owners will need to access the correct permits such as a business licence, health and safety certificate, liquor licence and possibly a licence for the playing of music. These requirements may vary from business to business and from one local municipality to the next. Due to heavy foot traffic at markets, stores need to offer fast service so that customers do not have to wait in long queues. Market visitors expect their food to be served at restaurant levels of satisfaction (hot, tasty and presentable), but in take-away timing. You don’t need survey data to know that consumers hate to wait, even for a few seconds. Less time per transaction means happier customers.

It is clear that in addition to perfecting their craft, market stores have to consider and worry about all the other headaches that come with running a business. One way to alleviate these headaches is to ensure that you have a Point of Sale system, like TallOrder POS, that streamlines your business operations.

How can TallOrder Point of Sale help market stores?

Firstly, TallOrder’s monthly package options are affordable, allowing you to follow your passion without worrying about what’s in your pocket. One of our comprehensive TallOrder packages includes an Event Package, which allows you to use your Point of Sale solution for the duration of the market– perfect for market stall that is being utilized for festivals and events that are not permanently running.

Market stores also often run in locations which have limited access to Internet connections. TallOrder POS will keep functioning even if Internet connectivity is down or disrupted. As soon as Internet connectivity is up again, all transactions will be synced to the Cloud. TallOrder POS produces s fast, flexible and accurate reports that will reveal sales and buying trends, which will help in your next market event be even more successful. Our POS allows you to input orders in less clicks. This means less waiting time and additional opportunities for more business.

TallOrder’s POS integrated online ordering app, ToGo, allows quick ordering and payment from a mobile phone, meaning that the only thing left to do is pick up the order at the counter. This will result in shorter lines and ultimately, more sales! Alternative payment systems can be added to our solution, making it perfect for once-off or regular event. With small purchases, a need for additional payment systems is a necessity. We offer integration with leading mobile and traditional payment systems such as SnapScan, Zapper and MasterCard’s MasterPass.

Markets can play an important role in building vibrant communities and allow a space for independent vendors to sell and promote their wares. It is clear market stores can greatly benefit from the implementation of various digital tools in their businesses. With a fully-integrated Cloud POS solution these businesses can provide fast and efficient service, and contribute positively to this growing trend.

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