How Your Point of Sale Can Improve Customer Loyalty

It is a well-known fact that happy customers often become returning, loyal customers. However, loyal customers are not only valuable because they shop often but also because they become advocates for your business. It is, therefore, becoming more and more important for retailers to develop long-term customer loyalty.

Here are three practical ways in which your Point of Sale can help improve customer loyalty and keep customers happy.

Loyalty programs

Naturally, the most obvious way to keep customers loyal is to offer them incentives. Most customer loyalty programs involve a points-based system, where the more a customer does business with you, the more points they earn as a result. These points can then be transferred to different products or services. A quality POS can track customer behaviour and assign points according to their purchases. You can even personalize the offers based on the data you’ve gathered on your customers from your POS. When a customer redeems their points, your POS software will make note of it and process these orders as necessary

Customer Data

As mentioned above, by allowing customers to sign-up to loyalty programs directly on the POS you can also gather more meaningful data about them. Using this data you can create a more personalised shopping experience for your customers. Your POS system can give you access to data,  such as the most popular items sold, etc. Using this data, you can also create more specific and targeted marketing campaigns in order to ensure that you retain your loyal customers. This will also encourage them to become advocates for your business.

Inventory Management

Customers will return to your business if the whole shopping experience is made convenient and hassle-free for them. A quality Point of Sale system can help your business keep track of your stock levels to avoid customers frustrations when items are missing or out of stock. Your staff will also be able to order stock directly from the POS or source them from another location so that the customer can get their item without much of a delay. Above all, when your business’ operations are running smoothly it has a major impact on how your business is perceived by customers. They will see your business as being more convenient and reliable and thus impact whether they choose to be returning customers.

Clearly, a quality Point of Sale system has many features that can encourage customer loyalty and raise brand awareness.
TallOrder Point of Sale allows you to reward your customers for their continued loyalty to your business. Through currency-based or point-based loyalty programs integrated into our POS system, your best customers will never lose touch with your business TallOrder Loyalty is a simple, integrated feature that will keep your loyal customers coming back for more!

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