Why a Golf Estate would need a Point of Sale?

Golf estates are made up of several locations, such as a clubhouse, bar, restaurant and pro shop. Between managing all these locations and ensuring that you provide a good experience for your guests, you may have too many balls in the air, so to speak. Having a modern Point of Sale solution can help you streamline your golf estate operations, increase your revenue and improve your customer service.

There is a number of things to consider when thinking about a point of sale system for a golf estate. Firstly, it is important to remember that, despite the attraction of traditional and so-called old-school values, the golf industry has actually become more modernised and digitalised than one would think.

Technology usage in the golf industry is becoming increasingly important and there are a wide range of solutions available, such as cloud-based golf POS systems and club management software. To make the best decision, golf managers need to understand what options best cater towards their needs.

Firstly, you will need a point of sale system that can manage the multiple locations found on your golf estate. Ranging from the dining room to the driving range, merchandise to marketing, you will need technology that allows you to manage and grow your golf estate. One way to do this is to connect every part of your operations to a cloud-based point of sale, which helps you manage your tee sheet, pro shop, bar and restaurant.

For the running of your pro shop you will need a point of sale system that has quality inventory management and reporting capabilities. These features will not only help you manage the operations of your business, but also make it easier for golf course management to keep track of customer’s purchasing behaviour, payments and preferences, create reports, and manage staffing. This kind of data allows you to confidently make better business decision going forward with complete reporting and analytics.

How TallOrder Point of Sale can Benefit your Golf Estate

TallOrder POS is ideal for golf estates because it caters for both hospitality and retail. Whether you have a restaurant, bar or merchandise pro shop, TallOrder’s expansive list of features caters to every aspect of the business. TallOrder POS software can accommodate all of these locations, as well as ensuring that each location’s needs are met.

TallOrder is a Cloud POS Solution that is fast and efficient (as well as affordable and easy-to-use). From the green to the table, TallOrder POS can be mobile, meaning that your POS device can move from the driving range or the bar; saving your customers time and making the ordering process more convenient.
Streamline every aspect of your golf estate with TallOrder Point of Sale. Modernize your pro shop and clubhouse, increase your revenue, and improve customer service with a Point of Sale tailored for your golf course.

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