Embracing Cloud Computing in all aspects of our business.

At CloudOne.mobi, we often spend our time discussing the benefits of our Cloud-based software solutions to our customers, but in many ways Cloud Computing is equally helpful to our developers. Amazon Web Services has recently announced that they plan to open a new data centre in Cape Town in 2020- the first of its kind in Africa. With this kind of global expansion it is even clearer that Cloud Computing’s popularity and usage has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Cloud computing allows users to access all of the features and files of their system without having to keep the majority of that system on their own computers.

CloudOne.mobi’s two hero products, TallOrder Point of Sale and PageMan Digital Signage Software are both Cloud-based SaaS Solutions. At the heart of our company lies the concept of constant innovation. CloudOne.mobi has been able to be innovative in ways in which our more established competitors have not been able to.

Our founder and CEO, Dana Buys, describes himself as ‘techie at heart, entrepreneur by nature’. Others call him a ‘serial disruptor’, having founded and sold three ground-breaking tech ventures since starting his first company while completing a computer science degree at UCT in the early eighties. Dana also owns the celebrated wine estate Vrede en Lust in the Franschhoek wine valley. By working with the staff at Vrede en Lust that Dana noticed the value- and need for-a quality POS Solution, particularly one that was Cloud-based; especially in Southern Africa with its unpredictable network infrastructure.

Dana blended his two interests to develop TallOrder Point of Sale. There are clear innovative benefits to developing software in the Cloud, such as the quick sharing of resources amongst developers and the ease of software deployments. Development teams also don’t need a server administrator to solely take care of servers by allocating resources and security, because using Cloud-based servers take care of it. CloudOne.mobi also makes use of Amazon Redshift, which is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the Cloud. This allows us to develop software to give our clients the ability to acquire new insights of their business and customers.

At CloudOne.mobi customer engagement and relations is also at the core of our business model. One of our main objectives is to provide smart business data to our customers to make their lives easier and their business more effiecient. For example our Cloud-based Reporting feature allows our clients to access real-time key metrics of their business with ease. Ours clients, in both the retail and hospitality industry also need to manage their inventory regularly and correctly. Our Inventory feature allows clients to manage products, suppliers, stock levels and sale trends all directly from their POS.

Gavin Li-Hunt, our Lead Full Stack Engineer believes that by providing this kind of smart data CloudOne.mobi can continue to innovate and look towards the future.

“Large businesses can afford to hire data analysts, but our Point of Sale Software Solution can provide small businesses with easier access to data analytics, such as stock control with our Inventory feature, without the extra cost.”

Our technology helps enhance business models through providing solutions that are powerful, fast, cost-effective and easy to use. Rather than only driving business growth, we sit alongside business owners, providing sales output and data and helping them shape a tech-savvy business that they can be proud of.