Thank you for dreaming big in 2015

It is official: most of the tech start-ups in South Africa are headquartered in Cape Town. And who can blame them (us)? In 2015 Cape Town was named one of the world’s top travel destinations by numerous respected international magazines and polls. It is also the World Capital of Design.  Without a doubt it is a place where investors, founders, and dreamers want to live. This city has become home to a cluster hub of tech-driven enthusiasts – us included – resulting in the Mother City now also often being referred to as ‘Silicon Cape’.

From this point of view, it is my prediction that Cape Town will be the breeding ground for some of the bigger innovations in 2016. Currently, start-ups here are focussed on conceptualising innovations that challenge the existing status quo. The results will benefit all businesses who want to improve efficiency. These ‘disruptive solutions’ are always more cost-effective and often better products than those they aim to replace. It sure is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur! in 2015!

Our team has grown, along with a new home in the heart of innovation, at Workshop-17 in the V&A Waterfront. At, we are constantly on the look-out for the next wave of innovation that we can ‘surf’.  Our technique is to challenge existing technology by developing cost-effective, viable and more broad-based and effective solutions to serve a broader market.

In 2015 we successfully launched PageMan, our digital signage solution, which, in this year alone has drawn appeal from international markets and big local businesses, who value the cost-saving benefit of our product, while seeing a real impact on their business’ bottom line.

Additionally, success stories from our channel partners made us smile in 2015, and with new solutions and innovations constantly being conceptualised by our team of dedicated technology lovers, we can’t wait to share more exciting products with our clientele in 2016.

TallOrder, our disruptive solution in the Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) market, has been in live test deployment for 6 months and is due for official roll-out in the New Year. Like all the innovations spearheaded by the team, it is one which will introduce a clever and innovative way of handling basic business needs – but with greater impact at the end of every business day.

Overall, it is an exciting time to dream big – in Cape Town and beyond – and we are all looking forward to serve your dreams in 2016.

Wishing you a blessed festive season and a successful New Year.