Why Your Menu Should be Digital During COVID-19

With restaurants being allowed to re-open in Level 3, restaurant owners have to be vigilant about their health and safety protocols. Customers may still be wary of the dine-in experience and of interacting with physical menu cards. Disposable menus, on the other hand, can be costly to print and wasteful.

One way in which restaurateurs can combat these challenges is by using a QR Code Digital menu. QR is short for “quick response.” A QR code is a digital code that can be scanned by just about any smartphone camera without any app download necessary. Simply link your menu to a QR code and customers can quickly scan to access your menu on their personal device. Dinners typically do not want to go through the process of downloading an app simply for the convenience of table ordering.

Digital menus are a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to physical or disposable menus. Previous menu handling practices are a thing of the past. Customers no longer want to interact with a menu. Once the QR code is printed, place it where people can easily scan it. For example on table tents, walls and restaurant windows. Restaurants can also share their QR code on social media so that customers can access their menu and order from home.

Almost all customers these days have access to a smartphone; which means that digital menus are a very accessible way to safely display your menu. Digital menus can also be updated easily without any further costs. With a QR menu, you’ll be able to instantly add, edit, and delete menu items and their descriptions. When you update it once, you update it everywhere. Dynamic QR code menus can be edited to suit different menus, for example, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

ToGo’s Digital Menu Feature:

The team at TallOrder would like to introduce our brand-new Digital Menu option via ToGo! Allow your customers to simply scan a QR to access and then browse through your digital menu. They can also select items to be added to their cart. A quick and easy way to calculate the cost of a large order! In the COVID-19 era, many of your customers may be wary of handling a physical menu. Offer them a safe alternative that they can view on their phone! ToGo’s Digital Menu option is a convenient and easy alternative to downloadable menus or apps.

ToGo gives you the freedom to personalise your digital menu with your own branding and images that your customers will recognise your business immediately. Save costs and the time that you need to ensure that your business thrives. Your customized QR code can be displayed through your business or even on windows for customers who are hesitant to enter a busy building.
Dine-in restaurants selling deli items can also use the digital menu options to display the stock lists. Allow customers to browse the menu and order their deli or merchandise items while they enjoy their meal. Our Digital Menu features make upselling products even easier- which means more revenue for you! Currently, our Digital Menu option can be used separately from ToGo. However, by simply setting up ToGo you can let your customers browse your menu, order, and pay directly from one platform.

With the threat of COVID-19 lingering in everyone’s minds, a digital menu option gives customers the option of having a safe, contactless dining experience.

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