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Scope of Support
The software support services provided hereunder will only include services in respect of Errors. Errors refer to Software Errors. A software error is a flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

Client shall be solely responsible for attending to and rectifying all problems that are not Errors. may provide support in respect of any problem that is not an Error, but may charge Service Fees in respect of such support. may also charge for all time reasonably spent and all expenses incurred by it in order to verify that a problem reported is not an Error. These extra charges will be discussed with the client before the additional time is provided so that the client understands what they will be charged for.

When reporting an Error, Client in consultation with will reasonably allocate a Severity Level to its support requests in accordance with the table below:

Severity Level    Definition of Severity
Severity 1Service is unavailable.
Severity 2The TallOrder Service is available but severely degraded.
Severity 3The TallOrder Service is available but moderately impaired or the problem can be circumvented.

All problems logged by Client must be reported in accordance with the standard incident reporting procedures. All problems must be reported to’s (or its designated Service Partners) service desk:

    • Via email to or the client will receive a ticket number as a reference.
    • Via telephone on +27 (0)72 863 0116
    • In addition to the above, Client shall be furnished with the details of a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for dealing with all queries submitted by Client, including queries relating to problems.

Depending on the severity level of the reported problem, will use commercially reasonable endeavours to respond to Client in respect of all problems reported and to provide a workaround or solution for Errors within the following time frames:

Severity LevelResponse TimeResolution Time
Severity 12 Support Hours6 Support Hours
Severity 24 Support Hours24 Support Hours
Severity 38 Support HoursN/A