2016 Tech Update!

There’s no doubt that we’re right in the thick of 2016, and so much is going on that we’re moving along at the speed of light! Strengthening our product offerings, growing our passionate team, and pushing out a series of software updates. We have also created new and improved channels where we’ll be promoting our company! Just a few of the things that we’ve had up our sleeves over the past six months!

2016 has been named the year of Tech (but we suppose most years have been given this momentous award attached to that term) as well as the year of bursts of “smart”.  Smart cars, homes, and smarter ways in which to view advertising.  As well as smarter ways to order and pay for items. We’ve seen impressive advancements just in the last few months in the way our products serve customers.  That has made an impact on the hospitality industry looking to promote products and services.

As much as things change, some elements remain the same. We are dedicated to engaging in disruptive technology efforts in order to provide businesses with smart solutions. We are constantly bettering our knowledge and furthering our expertise in order to help customers boost business performance.

What we got up to in 2016

For us, 2016 has been focused on helping the restaurant industry run more smoothly and increase revenue. As well as helping businesses promote their product and services via digital advertising that will not break the bank. TallOrder, our point of sale software, is now being used in numerous restaurants, delis, and coffee shops in the Cape Town area. It is helping owners and waiters streamline the ordering process with the click of only a few buttons. Our other product, PageMan digital signage offer communication at a fraction of the price, from a remote location, on one or thousands of screens.

Both of these products have been designed and developed with power, speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in mind. We’re extremely excited about exploiting further opportunities to disrupt the world of applications into 2017 and beyond.

In due time, we’ll be regularly updating our blog with tech and software news, as well as further product development announcements. Until then, you can enjoy our shiny new website, where you’ll find out more about the success of our products and how to contact us:

Here’s to the next 6 months of 2016 – may it be filled with better software solutions for everyone!