Cloud Tech Expands Accounting Opportunities had the opportunity to showcase TallOrder POS at the The South African Institute of Chartered Accountant’s “Cloud in Practice” Cloud Accounting conference. This event aimed to help and inform CAs who would like to understand how Cloud Accounting can assist their own business and their client needs, including how to enhance existing cutting-edge FinTech and cloud accounting tools.

The conference showcased the benefits of adopting cloud software and benchmarking current tools to new software so that a member’s business or client advisory services have improved platforms, digital strategy, and technology. During a panel discussion on the tips, trick and tools of integrating cloud technology into accounting software, Walter Thamaha, Strategic Accounts Manager at Sage, stressed the benefits of cloud-based accounting. “We are seeing automation of the mundane tasks, and our customers are saving on that time, thus having more time to engage with their own clients.

Thamaha ends with the importance of looking towards the future: “Investing in Cloud technology is key, because we are working alongside a generation that is more connected than ever. We need to adapt to the digital environment, avoiding the risk of falling behind”

Our Cloud Point of Sale Solution, TallOrder POS, offers deep, order-line integration to Cloud-based accounting software systems, letting you enjoy faster, more accurate accounting with no duplications. TallOrder’s integration with Sage One/ Pastel Accounting and Xero products, for example, allows for Bi-directional integration with items, debtors and bank accounts, which enables seamless functionality for operational and accounting systems. TallOrder is proud to announce that we will also be integrating with QuickBooks very soon. Watch this space!

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