Can Online Ordering Kickstart your Business Operations Again?

In these uncertain times, the hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard, with a massive decline in daily sales profit. Businesses need to be creative and resourceful in order to ultimately survive the impact of the National Lockdown and the Covid-19 crisis. If your restaurant already offers takeout and delivery options, then you are in luck! However, if this is not something you already offer, you can temporarily “pivot” your business model to help recover lost revenue from the dining room. One way in which hospitality businesses can pivot is to start embracing online ordering, which allows customers to make purchases without having to physically visit a business.

Online ordering options opens up your business offerings beyond the confines of your physical location. There are two different ways to approach online ordering: a native system, and a third-party service. A native online ordering solution is built directly into your Point of Sale system. This kind of solution offers you the most control over your offering without concerns about extra or hidden costs. Third-party online ordering solutions, on the other hand, lets third-party apps integrate into your POS. When choosing a native solution, you may have to organise and manage the logistics of the delivery process, such as drivers, yourself. That being said, the downside of the third-party approach is that fees and commission costs are added to customer’s orders.

Whichever option you choose it is important to fully evaluate what your business has to offer. Keep your menu simple. Focus on what you are known for and see what you can achieve with limited ingredients and staff. Be creative to fully make use of the inventory that you already have, so that nothing in your kitchen goes to waste. For example, you can start assembling fruits and vegetable boxes for sale with your excess stock. Alternatively, you can start selling family-style meals that can be bought and quickly warmed up. Ultimately it is important to have the right attitude and tools to kickstart your operations using online ordering.

Our ToGo Online Ordering app can help!

ToGo, the AFFORDABLE Online Ordering App, allows your customers to order and pay ahead of time, remotely from their personal devices! You can now offer delivery to your customers with a click of a button! ToGo is fully integrated into TallOrder Point of Sale and, unlike third party ordering apps, does not charge you per order. Take control of your delivery process without worrying about losing most of your profit to third-party delivery apps. With a flat-rate monthly fee, ToGo puts you in charge of your delivery!

Our team can install TallOrder Point of Sale remotely by using Cloud-Based technology and have you set-up within 24hours! Sign-up with TallOrder today and we will offer you ONE MONTH free ToGo subscription and wave the set-up fees

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