Black Friday is Here!

Black Friday has become one of the busiest consumer-spending days of the year, with multiple businesses offering a variety of discounts and special on their products or services. Last year  a number of well-establish e-commerce sites even crashed due to the volume of consumers visiting their sites. But what is Black Friday and why should you care?

Originally Black Friday started in America on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, and it has spread across the globe rapidly over the last few decades. It started off in the US as a marketing strategy to make money by focusing on volume sales and to move old stock by drastically reducing prices. The holiday can fall on any day or period from November 23 to 29. These days it is now followed by Cyber Monday, when gamers and tech junkies can shop online for goods.

Over the years, Black Friday has been growing in popularity in South Africa. While South Africans do not celebrate Thanksgiving, consumers have long taken advantage of online sales originating in the US. Seeing this trend, South African retailers have introduced the season event to coincide with the American version.

The popular, large retailer Checkers has claimed that they were the first to bring Black Friday to South Africa in 2014. They have also claimed that in 2015 they served more than one million people on Black Friday. eNCA reports that since 2016 Black Friday sales had gained a lot more popularity because of retailers’ use of social media.

At CloudOne.mob it’s Black Friday for the rest of the month!

This time of year is a great time for business to promote what they have to offer and does not want to miss out. We’ve decided to offer TWO special promotions for both our hero products, TallOrder POS and PageMan DSS.

Firstly we are offering a very special promotion on one of our selected Android players for R1000!  You can use these devices to run PageMan Digital Signage Software, or bring games, movies and internet browsing to life on your television screen.

If you are a business looking to improve your business this Black Friday, team is offering you TWO one-time Point of Sale deals. You can now get 25% off our Standard TallOrder POS Package, as well as 25% off one of our Tablets.

We are so excited about these amazing deals that we thought one day is not enough. Our deals are valid until the end of November!

Happy Shopping!