CEO Dana Buys speaks to BizCommunity about Digital Signage Solutions

Recently, the BizCommunity Marketing and Media show spoke to our CEO Dana Buys prior to the Marketing Mix Shopper Path to Purchase Conference held in Johannesburg earlier this year.

Listen in as Dana speaks about the history of and our Digital Signage solution PageMan in regards to the overall Shopper Marketing space. Digital Signage is the future at your fingertips! PageMan’s cost effective, easy to use Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software Solution delivers your message to one or thousands of displays.

PageMan’s cloud-based, Digital Signage Solution makes it easy for you to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content to your customers via digital displays. Your content is uploaded to the Cloud and then distributed to your devices according to the specified Schedules, where it is stored and played locally. No need for continuous streaming makes PageMan the definitive choice in Digital Signage Solutions!

(17 minute Podcast)

Episode 176: The Marketing Mix Shopper path to purchase 2016 event speaker