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Why Choose

We maximize our customers’ profitability by enabling far greater levels of engagement at the point of purchase. Our innovative cloud based solutions unleash the power of aggregated big data, whilst still being affordable and easy to use.

Our Solutions

Both TallOrder POS and PageMan DS solutions are conceived, designed and developed with specific industry knowledge and expertise in mind. This is the foundation we use to meet specific business needs with greater power, speed, cost-effectiveness and ease of use – all underpinned with a top-class range of ongoing maintenance and support offerings.

Cloud Benefits

In Cloud We Trust!

Cloud technology has impacted almost all aspects of the business community and if you are not embracing cloud technology into your business you are already behind the times. These days moving to the Cloud is a natural transition for a business to make.

Cloud computing allows businesses to access their information virtually, creating a flexible and global way of accessing your data any place, any time.

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Our Goal

We increase business revenue while reducing expenses in the following ways:

Fully Integrated Cloud Point of Sale Solution.

Built to improve speed and accuracy. Use TallOrder POS to help grow your business with an easy-to-use and affordable Point of Sale Solution

We cater for both the Hospitality and Retail Sectors!

Top features include:

  • Cloud-Based
  • Accounting Integration
  • Self Service
  • Offline Capacity
  • Franchise
  • ToGo
  • Mobile POS

Receive two months free

Pay upfront for an annual TallOrder licence and receive a 12 month package for the price of 10 months.

A Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution.

PageMan’s Cloud-based, Digital Signage Solution makes it easy for you to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content to your customers via digital displays.

Your content is uploaded to the cloud and then distributed to your devices according to the specified schedules, where it is stored and played locally.

Top features include:

  • Cloud Hosted Software
  • Real Time Video Feeds
  • Stable Off-The-Shelf Technology
  • Touch Functionality
  • Tagging Capability
  • Customised Widgets
  • Remote Control

Receive two months free

Pay upfront for an annual PageMan licence and receive a 12 month package for the price of 10 months.

Our Happy Customers

“Working with Kyle and the team at has been positive as their support has been excellent. They took the time to customise the TallOrder POS Solution to suit our operation.”

Munir Haywood, Owner of Woodies Burgers

“The feedback from Pick n Pay has been overwhelmingly positive. They love the HD quality, the ease of set-up and the running speeds PageMan offers. We’ve always believed in PageMan, and the feeling at Pick n Pay is that it works.”

Sean Nicholas, Digital Activation

PageMan is a great digital tool to showcase current and future offerings for our wines, as well as events and specials. The Playlist feature allows us to update content accordingly and with ease. It’s a fantastic way to create a visual experience for our customers.

Lourenza Terblanche, Direct Sales Manager at Vrede en Lust

“The Maldron Hotel in Ireland initially ran on a different system but what they really needed was a real call to action to get customers to buy certain items: PageMan’s PiP solution was installed to cater towards this need and the response from customers was amazing.”

Neil Haig, Abbey Digital

PageMan is a very user‐friendly platform that makes it easy to make changes and adjustments to our visuals as and when required.

Dominic Dempers, Owner of 3 Col'Cacchio Pizzeria Stores

PageMan Software is great for displaying sales, new stock arrivals and workshop services on the screens around our cycling store. These screens also act as an ‘extra sales assistant’, providing information to customers while they browse products.

Chris Willemse, Owner of Chris Willemse Cycles

“The flexibility of TallOrder packages as well as the software and the support is indicative of the design behind this product.”

Jean-Pierre Smith, Patron Chef/Owner at Lust Bistro & Bakery

PageMan Software not only allows us to load sales content on our screens, but also display information including sponsorships and social responsibility programmes. It’s easy-to-use and customisable!

Daan Enslin, Uitzight Spar Owner

“We needed a POS that is user friendly, affordable, records orders fast and accurately and TallOrder delivers!”

Claudio & Leanka Petrella, Owners of Table Thirteen

“PageMan is an effective tool that the University PR and Communications team use to communicate to students and staff via the digital monitors.”

Morne Beylefeld, IT Manager for Monash University

We really enjoy using the TallOrder POS Solution for sales tracking. We had no problem learning how to use this intuitive software, which certainly saved us time. We would also recommend TallOrder to other restaurants just starting out as it is affordable to run.

Nelius Kruger, Co-owner of De Stomme Jonge

“TallOrder really is so easy to use. It’s also incredibly flexible, which suits our needs. For example, if we would like to add a last minute item to our menu, this can be done directly on the POS – saving us time during busy periods.”

Oswell, Manager at Stray Dog Cafe

“We have had amazing post-installation customer service from TallOrder POS. We are a small, growing company and our TallOrder POS is ideal for our industry. It’s also very affordable compared to it’s competitors!”

Conrad, Owner of Alchemy Coffee